We areArrayResolution is a team of talented individuals working on a High-Frequency Trad­ing re­lated project. Contact us to learn more about the project or to apply for one of the available positions.

High-Frequency Trading

Generally speaking, HFT is auto­mated trading with carefully crafted computer al­go­rithms (strat­egies), specifically tuned to take into account market micro­struc­ture features of different stock, futures, and other ex­changes.

HFT strategies warrant vigilant testing and tuning. By definition, HFT al­go­rithms need to be exe­cuted with extremely low latencies (microseconds) utilizing massive datasets consisting of information of the state of the order-book (buy and sell orders).

HFT is nowadays a hotly debated topic, being accused of ma­nipu­la­tions (see Michael Lewis, 2014: Flash Boys), but in reality HFT lowers costs for investors and provides liquidity to markets (see e.g. Tommi A. Vuorenmaa, 2013: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Automated High-Frequency Trad­ing", Journal of Trading, Win­ter Issue).

Join our team

We are looking for enthusiastic Scala (Java/C++ to some extent) pro­gram­mers and web de­vel­op­ers to complete a new High-Frequency Trading (HFT) related project expected to become a busi­ness venture in the near term.

We currently have need for order-book data related tasks (ITCH / FIX / possibly other protocols), web-inter­face and server related tasks, and for our back­test­ing frame­work development.

Researchers with a PhD, or stu­dents in the process of doing a PhD, are also en­cour­aged to apply to participate in our ongoing sci­en­tif­ic projects that have both academic and business goals re­lated to HFT.

To apply send us an e-mail with your CV attached.